Tao Te Ching 8th Verse Thoughts

The supreme good is like water, which nourishes all things without
trying to.  It flows to low places loathed by all men.  Therefore, it is
like the Tao

Live in accordance with the nature of things. In dwelling, be close to
the land.  In meditation, go deep in the heart.  In dealing with others,
be gentle and kind.  Stand by your word. Govern with equity.  Be
timely in choosing the right moment.

One who lives in accordance with nature does not go against the
way of things.  He moves in harmony with the present moment,
always knowing the truth of just what to do.

There is so much to this verse that one could spend a lifetime contemplating and practicing the words above.   For me, it’s been well over a year of meditation, contemplation, brainstorming with others to clarify what this verse means to me.   I have struggled more than I thought I would but with time, came that clarity that I have been searching for.

Patience: Colorado River carving a path through solid stone.

Be like water:

Water does not discriminate; it will quench the thirst of all who wishes to take it in and so we must not discriminate in our service to others.  Water is patient and has all the time of the world. It can carve canyons out of solid stone reaching the lowest places Loa Tzu mentioned.  One thing that I have noticed is that once water reaches that lowly place, it’s not longer so “lowly”.  Water transcends, transforms and all who need water’s nourishment will come; no longer loathed by men. 

Wayne says to drink water silently and have gratitude for “this life-sustaining, always-flowing substance.”   With each drink, I will be reminded of this and will do my best to be more like water in my everyday life. 

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