Living “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life” by Wayne Dyer

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Wayne Dyer

Wayne Dyer wrote “Change Your Thoughts-Change Your Life – Living the Wisdom of the Tao” where he read, analyzed and meditated on different interpretations of the Tao-Te Ching.   He then wrote an essay for each of the 81 versus which has given all of us a guidebook on “the way” aka the Tao.  He recommended to read an essay a day and in that day, reflect and meditate on the meaning of the verse and how it applies to you.

Wayne did all the hard work and I am grateful because his essays put the Tao-Te Ching in plain english that I can understand.  He wrote in his preface that he had everyone in mind when he meditated and wrote.  Not just politicians, business people or some who is famous;  all of us were in his thoughts.   He made it so easy that I read through it pretty quickly and while some versus stood out to me, others I just read right though but on my second go around, things will be different.

The challenge

In my second reading of this book, I will follow Wayne Dyer’s example and meditate, ponder and practice each verse for a number of days until my spiritual muscle memory is established.   This may take a few days or a week or so, I will follow my gut on this one and only move on to the next verse when I feel I’m ready.  And, of course, I will also write my thoughts and post them to this blog.  I have a feeling this endeavor may take a little bit longer than the year it took Wayne.   It will be worth it!

So stay tuned and Verse 1 is coming up!


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