Family and the Olympics and Grateful

I am a person who follows law of attraction and follow the teachings of Abraham Hicks.  My vibration tonight was to just enjoy the feeling of my family. Enjoy interactions during dinner and just let it happen.  When I thought we were done for the night and everyone went their separate ways to their rooms to watch Netflix or play on their iPad, I went down to our living room to do some breathing and stretching exercises and take in the opening ceremonies to the games.

My 7 yr old daughter was on the couch playing something on her Kindle and next thing you know, she sets it down and sits next to me and joins in on watching the opening ceremony.  The fireworks, dancers and music caught her attention and held on.  I cherished every minute of it and appreciate the spontaneity and the letting it happen part of it.  It felt natural, just as it should have.

I love it when the Universe helps you out in manifesting what one is wanting.  This was meant to be and as Wayne Dyer says; “There are no coincidences.”   I put out my intention and released all resistance and it all happened so easily.

Just like Abraham said it would.

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