How do you get through the anxiety you’re feeling

Early morning, I wake up and I’m just not right.  Feeling a bit blue; a bit anxious.   Sound familiar?

There isn’t a logical reason for me to feeling this way because the past few months have been pretty damn good for me.

So what the hell?

I honestly can’t tell you why it’s like this at times but it’s been this way as long as I could remember.   When I was younger, I would usually pick a fight with someone, listen to music or just distract myself with something.  Nowadays, I try to stay conscious of my actions because the fights I picked might have given me the release I needed, but they didn’t help my relationships or my self esteem.   So what is a person to do?

What I have done in the past to overcome my anxiety hasn’t worked.  I have began to make a list of what does.


    • That’s what I’m doing at this moment.  I will either write my thoughts down or write a short story or put out a few tweets just to express myself in some ways.  I also have a thought record where I write down how I’m feeling and then challenge the thoughts. Most of the time they aren’t rational and if I let myself, they will get the best of me and the anxiety grows.

Take a Long Shower:

    • When I’m feeling down, I tend to be a bit lazy and loaf around the house and I tend to feel dirty as well.   Taking that shower seems like such a huge task when I feel this way so I literally force myself into the shower and get it done.   It’s really about taking care of yourself and not always about hygiene.    I’ve never come out of the shower feeling worse and usually feel quite better.   It’s what I like to call a “quick win”

Listen or play music:

    • This one is hit or miss.  Music is my life and can be the cause of my anxiety because I love to play guitar and sometimes struggle with that.  But there are times when I pick it up and play and it all clicks and I’m able to get that release I need.   If it’s not working, I put it down because it can contribute to the problem.   Playing some good music that makes you feel good or inspires is a good way to get the ball rolling.

Watch a funny show or video:

    • As i was writing this, my fiance’ sent me a video via Facebook that made me laugh a bit.  I gotta admit, it lifted my spirits quite a bit.


    • This one is the hardest for me but it does work.  I try to go on a daily walk either by myself or with my Fiancé’ and it helps.  Getting that blood flowing and while you’re moving, you have less of a chance to let those circular thoughts take over your mind.

Feel Gratitude:

    • Take a minute to take inventory on what your grateful for.   For me it’s always my family, that I’m alive, my creativity, etc.. Sometimes I just need to remind myself of the good in my life.  It’s always there.

For the record, I did all of the above today.  Well, except I didn’t exercise but it all did help me get out of my rut.  I must realize and accept that I will have good and bad days and when I have a bad day, not to get caught up in it.   But this did keep me from picking a fight so score one for my higher self.  I was still salty for most of the day but was able to get through it.

What are some things you do to work out the morning blues and anxiety?

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