Writing what’s in our head, what we are feeling

I watched the USA women’s soccer team win their 2nd World Cup; first since 1999.  It was a spectacular performance by the whole team but one stood out; Carli Lloyd.  She scored a hat trick in the first half and had been scoring key goals throughout the tournament.  I love watching greatness and when the hard work pays off.  These women made this look easy and Japan was no slouch either.

Was it easy?

There’s the illusion.   We watch great athletes, artists and musicians on the TV or in person and they make it look so easy that we feel that we can do it ourselves.   We might even try but get discouraged because it’s harder than it looks.  Some quite and some keep trying.  The reason why I started this blog was because I wanted to be like Deepak or Wayne Dyer.  I have so many ideas and revelations floating around my head and I feel the desire to share it with others.   Once I sit down to the computer or the paper, I write but then get stuck on something.   I am amazed on how hard this is!  Getting the feeling you have to translate on paper/computer screen is quite the endeavor.  I write on other blogs but writing on this particular subject is new to me and I’m learning.  Yes I am learning.

It is a feeling.

Judgement, high self, love, anger, are all things that we feel but can we describe them eloquently on paper, in words?   I have found that trying to explain a feeling is like describing a color to the sightless.  But it can be done and there are many writers who can do this at a very high level.  I strive to be in that realm as well.  My heart wants to write these words and now my head has to let it happen.   Eventually, I hope to make it look easy too.

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